Modena Agencies Identity

Modena Agencies imports contemporary mens fashion for Australian customers. In a highly competitive industry, more than often competing on thin profit margins, an identity was required that positioned the business to compete with more established importers and ensure a broad demographic was targeted. A challenging project with superb results for the client and their bottom line.

Modena Agencies is a contemporary fashion importer based in the east and west coasts of Australia. Specialising in superbly crafted menswear at an affordable price, the goal was to create an identity package that positioned the business to a broad range of potential customers.

Using the beautiful facade of the Modena cathedral in Italy as inspiration, an iconic logo was custom designed. Bordered by a traditional yet contemporary logotype, the identity effectively defines Modena as distributors that stock high quality fashion. The identity is unique and highly flexible, allowing the system to be applied to many forms including paper, web, textures and merchandise. 

Modena launched the brand at an industry showcase event. The event venue was decorated with custom close up photography of the products, and imagery from Italy. The identity was a complete success and accurately positions Modena Agencies to compete with more established importers.

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