Taylors Online

Logo solution for Taylors online.

Taylors online is a startup auction site that brings 20 years of traditional auction knowledge into an online experience. Targeting the industrial and commercial spaces, Taylors online required an identity that reflected a fresh take on the online auction space.

The gavel is the most well known visual symbol of an auction. We incorporated the gavel icon into the T character, acting as a visual “skeleton” that can be built upon through the Taylors branding elements. The design uses thick heavy set typography that targets the demographic. The solution is highly legible, and represents a conceptual visual solution to the Taylors brand.

The final solution resulted in the gavel icon being used to provide instant recognition for the audience and contribute as the major functioning object in a versatile branding system. The site is being developed and will be launched in 2012.

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